About Us

At Wondersleep, we strive to set the highest standard for in inflatable air mattress. We constantly develop and improve the air mattress and make it portable and easy to use. With Wondersleep, you can provide the best hosting experience for your sleep over guest.

Enjoy a restful night of sleep on this soft inflatable mattress that works almost anywhere and provides a peaceful sleeping experience.

Dream Rite is a sister brand and marketed under our WonderSeleep Co. Product line. We want our customers fully experienced different different aspect of the pillows and to enjoy perfect sleeping at home. 

WonderSleep and Dream Rite are owned by Endliss Technology Inc. 

List of Authorized Resellers for Authentic WonderSleep & Dream Rite Product:
Company Name: LEAD JOY INC
Amazon Store Name: power-innovation

Company Name: LEAD JOY INC
Amazon Store Name: HSO Innovation

Company Name: Moment Gear Inc
Amazon Store Name: Moment Distribution

Company Name: Windmill Tech INC
Amazon Store Name: Powerbay Inc